Healthier Weight…One of My Favourite Clients


Saturday 19th February 2012


Healthier Weight, based in Birmingham, is one of my favourite clients to work for.  The company is exclusively devoted to the management of overweight and obese patients, and Healthier Weight’s dedicated and professional team are really enjoyable to work with – I believe their enthusiasm for their business and clients is reflected in the pictures they commission.

I have worked for Healthier Weight for over 4 years now.  Their Communications Director is Chrissie Twigg and she regularly commissions me to undertake shoots celebrating the achievements of their most successful clients.

Incorporating a full professional make-over, several changes of clothes and culminating in a professional studio shoot, (along with other on-location photography), clients are made to feel hugely successful in their achievements relating to their own personal weight-loss.

It it important to stress that the subjects of the shoot are not professional models – these are every day people who have achieved weight loss success…many of them have never experienced a photo shoot of this kind before, and a large part of the team’s role on the day goes into making these people feel really special.

The entire team works incredibly hard to help me produce such good results which are widely published in the media.  My thanks therefore go to Chrissie, Julia (my ‘right hand woman’ on the day!), Andrew (Marketing), Natasha (for such beautiful make-up and hair) and the rest of the team.

The very latest shoot took place in London at the Sunbeam Studios, Ladbroke Grove – as ever, this was an all-day affair with 8 Healthier Weight clients to photograph.

My day started at 8.20am in the studio setting the lights, soft boxes, backdrop, Apple Mac etc.

A Simple Studio Set-Up

I choose a fairly ‘standard’ studio set-up using two main soft box lights with two backdrop lights focused on the background.  All lights are balanced with a light meter, with the rear lights being approximately two ‘stops’ brighter than the main lights (giving the effect of washing out the background).

Liaising with the Model is Important

After make-up each ‘model’ has around 45 minutes for their shoot, which can involve two or three changes of outfit.

Using an Apple Box for 8in More Height

One of the most important parts of this shoot is talking to each model to put them at ease.

Simple Poses Offer the Best Results

I listen to their anxieties about being photographed and I make sure that whatever pose they choose they feel relaxed and positive about themselves…after all, this is their success story that I am portraying.

Throughout the shoot Chrissie and Julia are on hand to tweak clothing, suggest poses and top up the model’s glass of champagne!

Julia Tweaks and Preens to Get the Best Results

…the resulting image –

Healthier Weight - Client Case Study

Attention to detail creates the very best results…

Julia Straightens Clothing

The resulting images in this post are a few from the day’s shoot…

Simple Lighting - Great Results

Healthier Weight Client Case Study Results

Healthier Weight Client Case Study

Great Results from a Great Day

The resulting images from the day’s shoot are used by Healthier Weight’s marketing team to promote the success of their clients’ achievements – it goes without saying that this is a fabulous team effort.

Once again, can I thank all the ladies on the day as well as Healthier Weight’s fun team.